What is a marketing professional?

Marketing professional is all about understanding the customer needs and selling the product to the end-user

Technology is one step ahead we used marketing in digital platforms, Now the only way is to find the perfect audience  is digital

Start-up companies are used to announce, review, leaflet, original radio, and original string channel to announce his product to reach an audience.

Small companies grounded on their budget announce the product in the budget medium.

Big companies used to announce in all the traditional platforms .billboard, review, leaflet radio, TV. Grounded on the budget company used the strategies to reach the audience  

Traditional marketing is offline marketing using the product and service to the client by using advertising, publishing paper.

It’s traditional marketing 

 You can ask how they reach the client you  before the internet? 

how do i become a professional digital marketer

Marketing and the different ways of the creative approaches to making a success in Indian request, on his analysis about the request, a foreign company like oreo is the successful bone in the Indian market. It’s full and full depending on the strategy

. They start new strategies called TLD ( top position down) they consider the price for the original request and the taste grounded

will suppose what’s a problem for Indians to buy the product. And also they analysis the contender product like Britannia, ITC, parle 

Oreo is the notorious eyeful in America and its utmost loved eyefuls in America, But in India, it couldn’t reach the audience. They

The stylish illustration is the oreo biscuit 

You can ask I understand about marketing But how they work in the real script 

client’s requirements should understand. 

Marketing is about allowing else than challengers. The only way to survive in the request is the creativity of the product and the

. Marketing includes advertising, dealing and delivering products and it’ll be corresponding of 4ps of marketing 


Marketing is about producing the product grounded on the client needs and promoting the buying or selling of a product to the customer

What  is marketing? 

 marketing professional

And I show the fundamentals of digital marketing. If you read the article clearly you get some idea about marketing. 

There will be a lot of occasions in marketing, If you’re allowing everything for that do get the digital marketing a professional job isn’t like that. 

Marketing is an investment if you’re the entrepreneur of the company if you produce the product without knowing your client’s

Why? How  do I become a professional digital marketer

.Right now everyone has allowed marketing has the toughest one

Do you suppose marketing is the toughest job? 

yes Because you have to understand the audience perspective to sell the product

4ps of marketing

(c)  Content is is the only way to get the attention from the audience

4ps of marketing

(T) Transaction customer mindset is fixed, the product is good, leads to induce automatic. 

brand is secure 

(T) trust people want to trust your brand by via of communicating through dispatch make an offer to buy the product and believing your

in hunt machines. 

(A) AttentionMake business about the product in the request by content using SEO, social media platforms, and paid advertisements

. And make blog posts, vids about the product, lead attraction. 

(n) Nichesuccess and domination in the request about your product, First choose right niche 

T = sale 

T = trust 

A = attention 

C = content 

n = niche 

Wealth = nCATT 


Now I’m saying what the successful entrepreneur knows about marketing and particular branding and become a professional digital marketer

If you read the composition till this you should get some idea about marketing 

According to click Z internet stoners now make up 57 of the global population.On average people spend 6 hours and 42 twinkles

specific followership. 

Makes clever targeting possible if you have the tool to specifically target the followership age 20 to 24 is possible to reach that

Easy to measure your crusade in digital marketing you know in-depth about the product review by the client 

A further option for engagement through social media physically see what the client suppose about your brand 

Digital marketing vs traditional marketing 

No direct commerce with the client, unlike digital media platforms you can’t know the audience response to your marketing is more get attention also social media advertisements it fluently reaches the client  Superbowl advertisements are more memorable than normal advertisements why I’m saying this watching television announcement digest its offen. 

Its impact is fluently understood by television marketable advertisements and billboard is a normal day to day life people watch and

Traditional marketing reaches the followership but we can’t find the response of the followership about the product. 

Two types of marketing have a difference

What I am using light and nights means digital marketing is measurable and traditional marketing couldn’t measure the audience 

and traditional marketing is dark 

Great marketing is to find the right balance between traditional and digital marketing. In 2021 digital marketing is light And does digital marketing pay well compared to the traditional way of marketing

Digital marketing platform

Mobile Advertising 

Television Advertising 

Radio Advertising 

Viral Marketing 

Influencer/ Chapter Marketing 

Dispatch Marketing 

Content Marketing 

SMM (Social Media Marketing) 

PPC ( Pay­per­click) 

SEO ( Search Machine Optimisation) 

SEM ( Search Engine Marketing) 

Digital marketing platform­ through the client. 

Radios are using Spotify announcements to show you advertisements grounded on your internets and for dimension analysis now the technology  is future has shown we can do anything if they can 

How does it be? 

Now they’re happy to speak in the radio announcement on digital marketing. 

You formerly say that radio advertising is traditional marketing 

How much does a digital marketing professional earn & what will marketing look like in 2025

digital marketing professional per annum salary

Digital marketing executive: 5L

Digital marketing Manager:7 to 10 L

Marketing automation salary:6L

Content marketing based on experience 5 to 8 L

Digital marketing in 2025

 Marketing research virtual reality has a most important campaign in 2025 In 2018 market expansion will be $7.9 billion and in 2025 it will become &53.6 billion


Choosing digital marketing is your professional is the right way of choosing a career in marketing Because is a tool to reach the audience. make a good mentor in digital marketing and improve your skill adn success in your career

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