How to start a small scale business with less investment

Nowadays working for 30 days getting a salary it becomes old trend because we are well developed in technology   We should learn a lot about business Every youngest want to start his own business with his talent

And I also start my own business without my family support with less capital it becomes successful and now  I have become a businessman

Why I writing this article mean because many Youngest wants to start a business but they have no idea

Now I give  some tips to know what are profitable small scale businesses running in India

Let’s start

Small scale industries or small businesses is a growth of the Indian economy for the past five decades and many young entrepreneurs have getting explore by small businesses. Overall 95% of manufacturing units in that 40 % of total industrial output is contributed by these small industries and 45% of exports done by small scale  businesses in India  

I just predict what you are thinking first understand what is small scale business

What is a small scale business

Why can I start my business with no money and you can think what are the cheapest business to start with zero investment

Which is the best small scale business to promote online

How to get the small scale business loan

What is small scale business?

 Small scale businesses as privately owned corporations, or sole proprietorships and fewer employees and less annual revenue in regular size businesses. And this business they invest one time to purchase machinery plant and  equipment, And monthly revenue does not exceed 10 crores and annual revenue does not exceed 50 crores

 how to start small scale business

most successful small scale business?

Many entrepreneurs struggle for the capital to invest in their business. For any entrepreneur, a great business is one that non-capital investment. And these are the most successful business in the Indian market and with good revenue

Fitness center

Travel agency





Real estate agent 

Easy earning business can I do from home?

This business required lesser space to start  in your home and  its very suitable for women to kick start their career and this is what the cheapest business to start in India with high ROI

How to promote small scale business

There are three major business with is  most successful for the women 

Candle making:

The candle is one of the successful businesses with a lesser amount of investment and high-profit margin and its used religious decorative purpose and its high demand in festival season in India.

Approximately 20000 to 30000 is enough to start this business. 


Every family in India is one of the major dishes. And they have a lot of variety in pickles and it will be a huge demand in India market and demand will also increase in abroad

You can start this business at your home with 20000 to 25000 investment


The button is one of the most essential one used in garments industry and they have a high potential market 

You invest 30000 to 40000 to start this business and they have different kinds of niches in this market.

The easiest business to start with zero investment?

Starting your business with zero investment in online business and freelancer services this scenario is mostly valid.

Why can I start my business with no money And you can think about What are the cheapest business to start with zero investment and they are

Small scale business

Be an online seller

Start a recruitment firm

Be a reseller

Sell your service online

Be an online Seller:

And If you are the professional creator and any other form of art you can sell the product on eCommerce platforms like amazon Flipkart etc.

Start  a recruitment firm:

They are a lot of unemployment in  India if you have a key contact with large and small companies then you can supply the manpower for the recruited company to have a consultant. 

Be a reseller:

And you have zero investment and you don’t  have any ideas on the manufacturing side

And then you choose the middle man which means you buy the product from the manufacturing unit and resell the product to the commodity which is zero investment and high-profit margin business all over the globe.

Sell your service online:

Choose you service which you are expecting. And start the website and youtube channel, To promote your services in social media platforms explain your services are and how do you get the benefits from your service. 

plan my small scale business before going to start:-

Any business plan starts with what the customer needs, first we should under the audience and the competitor each competitor has a unique selling proposition. How they sell the product in the market, And how they handle the customer, And how they target the market with understanding the customer needs, And the best thing is to make a marketing analysis before starting your business it takes a clear idea to focus on your audience what the competitor didn’t recognize the opportunity in the market. 

Which is the best small scale business to promote online:-

Nowadays each business have a  different unique selling proposition and they prefer the target audience via of online platform like Facebook, Instagram and google they are the major platform  to find the audience and they are different of social media marketing to promote your business online

In this online platform, these are the major small scale business are using the platform for the services.

Seo consultant service

Social media consultant


Affiliate marketer

homemade products (cookies, cake, etc)

Graphic designer

Homemade beauty product

Seo consultant services:

They create the website based on SEO strategy and what search marketing needs and offer expert advice at a strategic and tactical level to meet their client needs

And promote your brand product via the website.

Social media consultant:

Social media consultants are used to promoting the brand. They increase the brand awareness in different various social media platforms as a mediator.







Youtuber:-Many people successfully start earning in the youtube channel and the world’s second search engine platform and  122 million active users in youtube. The best way to reach your brand is youtube based niche which you selected monetized the youtube channel to earn money.

Affiliate marketer:-

An affiliate marketer is used to sell the product like a middle man if sales should be done we get some kind of commission.

You can think How to promote smallscale businesses is that possible?

Homemade product:-Homemade product is a trending business in major cities in India, people want to be hygienic and healthy they prefer homemade products like cake, cookies, beauty products, etc.

And they promote the product online  like Facebook & Instagram

How to get small scale business loan:-

India has about 40 million micro small and medium enterprises including unregistered MSME fall under the categories of both organized and the unorganized factor

The MSME contributes to about 40% of the total GDP in India

MSME government loan:

Mudra loan

stand up India

Credit Guarantee fund scheme for micro and small enterprises

National small industries corporation subsidy



Small scale businesses/industries are playing a major role in the country they are a lot of opportunities to start the business And the are a lot of business used to promote online which are starting with less investment hence you can also follow those step and become a successful entrepreneur of our country

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