Secrets of Social media and type of social media marketing

What is the types of social media marketing useful for entrepreneurs?

If you want to increase the audience for your business the right way is social media now a day they are 4.5 billion active users and the average user spends on social media will be 2.5 hours

And its the greatest platform to promote our business and find the right target audience to sell

What are your thinking is that true or not?

The journal of the academy and the market science they do the project called Future of social media in that they describe three lenses which are Consumer, industry, public policy, and 90% people age between 18 to 29 used at least one form of social media By 2023 is forecast to increase to approximately 257 million users. The social media platform will play a major role in all types of industries. The first rule of social media is to maintain the proper page, post, user interaction to drive the engagement

What I explaining is when starting the business I used to find the audience in social media it’s much more useful to develop my business in the also you to get a benefit 

Lets me clearly explain what are the types of social media which is useful for the business.

  • What is social media marketing
  • why does social media advertising effectiveness have to get an increase compare to other medium
  • How the three types of social media marketing activities improve the brand reputation
  • Best time to post on social media in 2021

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is referred to the user in social media platforms getting engage with what the user likes and based on that, We find out the right audience to promote our product. These are the uses of social media platform 

Types of social media marketing

6 types of social media platforms

Social Networks

Social news


Bookmarking sites

Media Sharing

Community Blogs

Social Networks:

A Social Networking Site is a platform that allows similar background interests to connect online These are the top three platforms in Social network




Social news:

Social news is the platform that considers sharing the post, video with external link of the website to know more about the blog post or pages this will increase the brand reputation and the awareness of the brand 

Social blogging:





Yahoo Answer


Microblogging is a short audience interaction to post content, image, and video, audio, link to the post in the medium which is the major reason for the popularity.

Bookmarking sites:

Social bookmarking website is a site that shares the webpage, article, blog post, and images to increase brand awareness.

Top social bookmarking sites:-Twitter,pinterest,StumbleUpon,Dribble pocket,Dig,Reddit,Slashdot,We heart it ,scoop it

Media Sharing:-

To get the attention of the customer media sharing is the best option because users don’t want to read or scroll they simply watch the video, This will increase the attention of our product.

Example: Youtube, Vimeo

Community Blogs:

Community Blogs:

The blogging community is like a social network for bloggers. To get the interaction with other bloggers and get the traffic to your blog and more useful to share the idea and thought 

And this is an example of social media platform to drive traffic to the website.

Why does social media advertising effectiveness have to get an increase compared to other medium advertising 

Social media advertising has got an increase in 2021 because of 4.5 billion active users, Based on that it gets useful for small-scale businesses to advertise in the medium. In Digital marketing if you spend one-third amount on the digital medium compared to traditional marketing, we can track the audience if the advertising it’s not getting the result we immediately stop the advertisement, and it’s Measurable.

Uses of social media

Better opportunities to Nurture leads

Saving money in an online marketing platform

Reach the right targeting audience

Easy measurable

Better opportunity to Nurture leads:

They target the audience based on the demographic and interest they advertise Because it is easy to find out the right audience to nurture the lead. If you are new to market first you should explain how the product is going to help in day to day life and make a clear explanation about the process and benefit and built trust And remarketing your audience to generate the leads and finally, sales will happen iF the process will be going good

 4 steps to nurture the lead





Awareness: To show brand to the right target audience in the market for the buying process

Consideration: The consideration stage you start work has a salesperson and make a difference

Trust: You build the trust by making how we are useful if you buy our product example: services

Transaction: Consumer trust you brand to purchas

Saving Money in an online marketing platform:

In the traditional way of marketing, we advertise to everyone. In digital marketing, we are targeting the right audience to the right people amount we spend on advertising to nurture the lead or sale cost is low compare to traditional marketing.

Reach the right target audience:

Based on interest and demographic we are targeting the audiences In social media, we can be able to remarket our target audience, and we can advertise based on the location, and also make a custom audience, and we can save the audience for remarketing.

 Digital marketing is the only way to reach the right target audience.

Easy measurable:

In before twenty years they used to spend a lot of amount on traditional marketing to promote the product and more tough to reach the target audience but now technology has improved. we can target the right audience and we can measure the reach of the advertisement and make more attention to the consumer in the market. And these are the type of measures for reviewing the effectiveness of social media  

 How Three types of social media marketing activities improve the brand reputation

Community management

Response faster

Be genuine

Community management:

To drive the engagement because 71% of people who are interested in the brand on social media have a good experience

Response faster:

To help the user and solving the problem makes a more positive impact on your brand 

Be genuine

Be genuine to the customer the important in social media is follower we consider has a friend for helping to solve the queries.

Best time to post on social media 2021?

Best time to post on social media in 2021?

The best time to post on Facebook is 8 am to 12 pm only on Tuesday and Thursday

The best time to post on Instagram is 11 am on Wednesday

The worst time to post on Instagram is 

Monday 2 pm

Tuesday 1 pm

Wednesday 10 am

Thursday 11 pm

Friday 9 am


Sunday 8 pm


This is the easiest way to drive the engagement in social media platform most of the business is using social media to solve the customer queries and increase the brand reputation and its helpful for small scale business people and entrepreneur.

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